Friday, September 25, 2009

IBM FileNet Content Manager-Designer 4.5

Whoa, today I also presented two tests:
  • F040G - IBM FileNet P8 Prerequisite Skills
  • F042G - IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration 4.5
And this is the result:

I passed both of them, and now I have an "IBM FileNet Content Manager-Designer 4.5" certification. The prerequisite skills test was new, but the Administration test was almost like the 4.0 test so there wasn't really big difference and the questions were very similar. Now the "IBM" brand appears in the certificate title, before it was something like "FCP... " and personally I like it better this was since the impact of seeing IBM in the certification name is way bigger.


  1. Hey Abel..I am also trying to get certified..can you give a sample question from F042G and the duration of test + total no. of questions..I dont want to start the test and I believe that is the only way you can get the answers to the above questions.

    Also how different are the questions for F042G as opposed to the ones in F040G (I just passed that one)

    I have no experience in FileNet 4.0 and am just learning the ropes.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Hi Mukul,
    as I understand, you already passed F040G, and now you are considering to present the F042G test.

    Well, the tests are different, but don't be surprised if you find questions related to the "Prerequisites" training in the F042G test. F042G has a time limit of 90 minutes, and there are 24 questions and you'll need 80% of correct answers to pass the test (20 of 24).

    Regarding sample questions... come back later to my blog and you'll find a post with many of the questions that I remember =)

  3. Hi Abel,
    Thanks for the info..appreciate it!

  4. Hi Abel,

    I'm trying to prepare for Technical Support Provider 4.5 certification and with no previous FileNet experience but with experience with other ECM vendor.

    I would appreciate if you gave me any advice about how to prepare for exams (F040G, F042G, F045G). As far as I know there are no certification guides for administration and installation courses and all you have left are manuals. I guess that available Red books could help for F040G.

    What kind of questions could one expect? I don't want to waste attempts without some serious preparation.

    Thanks, Petr.

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  6. hi abel,
    am new ti file net can u give me the info how to learn filenet admin for beginners .